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About the Band/EPK


Current Live Lineup Features:

Patrick Harnish - Singer/Songwriter, Guitars, Bass

Paul Brown - Rhythm Guitar

Matt Duvall - Lead Guitar

Andrea Shirley - Bass

David Miller - Drums


Special Guests:

William Moore - Bass

Brian King - Guitar, Bass

Adam Woods - Guitar, Strings


Albums produced, mixed, and engineered by Adam Woods @ Oakwood Studios in Jenks, OK.



HARNISH is the namesake of front-man Patrick Harnish.  Coming out of Tulsa, OK Patrick Harnish has been privately writing and recording music for 20 years. With the help of producer Adam Woods and drummer Paul Brown HARNISH began releasing music to the masses in 2017 with the debut studio Album, In Dark Water.  This was followed by 2018's Ill Omen and two companion acoustic albums. Surprisingly, it has been HARNISH's catalog of softer tracks which have caught much fanfare.  Secret Identities and most recently No Thing Like Me have received a lot of praise for their haunting melodies, intense lyrics, and reinvented cover tracks.  Often beautiful and always dark, HARNISH is certainly the metal band you've been looking for.


In Dark Water (2017)

Secret Identities (2018)

Ill Omen (2018)

No Thing Like Me (2018)


Just Like A Murder (From True Crime) Coming in May 2019


HARNISH is affiliated with Metal Coffee PR.  The band can be contacted at anytime via email to or by phone (918)313-1367.