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Carcinogen Daily EP Review

Carcinogen Daily is hitting the stage with us in January 2019 and recently I had some time to jam their EP.

This eponymous EP is a 3 song powerhouse.  'It's Only Pain' sets the mood immediately with a wicked groove.  The main rhythm is sludgy, but not to the point of a crawl.   It gets you up and moving in a style I might liken to Down.  The guitar work throughout is fantastic, including a brief-but-badass bass only interlude (Laid down by Josh Malone).  In this style of metal I usually feel like bands try to do too much with the arrangement or drag things on too long.  Carcinogen Daily is guilty of neither.  They take a less is more approach with the arrangement that holds your attention for the entire song.

You might expect the band to sandwich the weaker of their 3 song demo in the middle of the EP, but I found it was just the opposite.  'Castaway' may not have quite the same groovy-goodness of the opener, but it's here the vocals really start to shine through.  Vocalist Danny Lynch hits that sweet spot of heavy, but not too heavy.  The only comparison I might draw is to Corrosion Of Conformity, but it's really a unique sound all his own.  I think a little time could have been shaved off this track, but that's a very small critique for an excellent song.

They saved the best for last.  The opening guitar melody is dark as hell and explodes into a mean riff.  I think about all the elements I love in my favorite bands like Danzig, Black Sabbath, Megadeath and 'So I Can Breathe' shares so many of those qualities. Ben Knieval is wielding the sticks and he is also masterful at intensity level.  This shines through around 4 minutes in with a change-up to die for.  Another observation is how Stephen Bisbee's doomy guitar licks evolve throughout the three tracks.  It's a combination of excellent song-writing and arrangement they put on display throughout the whole EP.

There is no weak spot in this EP.  Get your hands on it.  Stream it, download it, buy it.  And most importantly, catch Carcinogen Daily live 1/26 @ Bas Ass Renee's in Tulsa, OK.

Vocals: Danny Lynch

Bas: Josh Malone

Drums: Ben Knieval

Guitars: Stephen Bisbee

Mixed By Ben Hill
Mastered By Will Sterling
Vocals, Guitars, Bass Recorded By Stephen Bisbee
Drums Recorded By Phillip Dillon & Todd Barnes At The Basement
Artwork & Layout By Danny Lynch & Ben Hill





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