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10 (+1) Questions with the Licking County Metal Heads

10 Questions (+1) with Ohio's own legendary, epic, notorious, and infamous Licking County Metal Heads!


I'm here with the Heavy Metal Rainman himself - Monte Brown.  First let me say, this is an honor.  Not just the support you guys have shown me, but what you do for local bands in your area and across the country is really something unique.  I am excited to learn more about you guys!  Let's start from the beginning.  Tell me how you and Roy met?

MONTE - Well me and Roy, met in jail of all places, I noticed he had a Slayer Tattoo and I showed him my Metallica tattoo, Over Time our friendship cemented itself based off of our mutual love for Thrash metal.

In Jail!?  It's a rough life, being a metal head....So from did Licking County Metal heads come to be?

MONTE - Roy was in rare form one night (2016), he Had been consuming Jack Daniels, And then *BOOM The Seeds of L.C.M.H had been planted, a very simple direct idea, which later we expanded on.

We have Jack Daniels to thank! I hear Danny and Roy are cousins? Any good stories about them growing up?

MONTE - They were real country boys growing up.  As kids they walked into a apple orchard and seen a ground hog in one of the trees.  Roy walked up to it and punched it in the face. As teenagers on into their 30s, they partied and went to a lot of rock and metal concerts, too many to remember.

I'm sure that groundhog had it coming.  Seriously though guys, I think what you do for local music is really special...but it must be thankless job.  How do you keep up the energy?

MONTE - Roy Is Head Of It All And His Lifelong Love Of Metal And Insight Is Where Direction Comes From. Danny Gives His Own Unique Ideas And His Enthusiasm Matches Roy, Then There's me Monte (The Heavy Metal Rainman).  This is my passion.

Let me tell you some things that have been said about you....'This is The Work He Was Meant To Do And He Doesn't Treat It As Work Or Like It's Difficult Because No Matter What Personal Struggle's He Seems To Encounter His Ability To Give His All To Licking County Metal Heads Is Like Breathing For Him. He Doesn't Have To Think He Just Applies Himself And His Pure Love For The Music Is So Noticeable It's Unreal, LCMH Could Not Be What It Is Without His Influence And That's A Fact.'  That's a pretty great description of what you do.

MONTE - What can I say to that?  Really I try to be a driving force and my relentless nature to promote and create new and different ways to bring attention to our cause is unmatched.

If you could get any mega-bands on the show, who would be your top 3 picks?

MONTE - Metallica/Slayer/Judas Priest Would Be Dream Collaborations In Any Way, But Our Real Mission Is To Give Those Who Are Not As Well Known A Better Chance To Be Well Known And The Reason We Do All Of This.

That's what makes your program so special.  What bands have you featured that really had an impact on you?

MONTE - Dread Engine No. 1 They Gave Us Our First Opportunity To Get Involved Behind The Curtain And Get Our Feet Wet We Will Always Be In Debt To Them For Their Willingness To Bring Us On The inside. 8lb Pressure as No. 2 These Guys Are Down To Earth And Have Always Big Giant Supporters Of Our Work And They Have Become Extended Family In A Sense.  Do Not Resuscitate for No. 3 Another Band We Have Encountered Along Our Way, They Are Young And With Pure Fire Under Their Ass To Bring Thrashy, Crunchy, Pure Metal Joy To Life, They Are Pure Metal And Have That Edge About Them That Make It Do Fresh And Give Such A. Great Fuel That Mirrors That Spark That Brings All Who Love Metal To Cherish For a lifetime.

Any bands you want to put on blast for not respecting the show?

MONTE - Believe It Or Not We Haven't Had Any One Straight Out Not Support Us, We Have Had. A Few Not Understand What We Was Trying To Do Like Us Promoting Them For Free Came With A Catch Or Just Too Good To Be True But No We Haven't Had Anyone Plainly Not Respect Us.

That's good to know.  The metal community really seems to be a pretty good bunch.  Any recent band features you've fallen in love with....who do people need to go check out?

MONTE - Harnish Of Course The Talent And Song Writing is Absolutely Obvious But Here's A Few We Highly Recommend! Corrosive Vengeance...IRONGATE...3 Minutes To Live...Kingdom Collapse...Black Coffee...Mick Blankenship...Then Falls The Sky...Cryptic...Echoes Of War...The Admiralty

Very kind words about HARNISH.  Those are all some killer bands you listed.  How about your family life...I believe you have 2 daughters.  I'm sure they are a big part of your life?  Have you turned them into metal heads yet?

MONTE - They Do Have A Few Metal Songs That They Get Really Pumped About (Metallica-Here Comes Revenge & Tool 46&2)

Good choices.  I heard there's a funny story about you, the west side of Columbus, OH, and a bathroom mishap.  Care to tell us about that?

MONTE - Well we were Very Excited To Watch And Film The Last Live Performance Of Well Known And Respected Local Mainstays STRIKKEN, I Avoided The Open Taco Bar Provided At Jays Sports Lounge Which I Really Could Have Used But I Waved That Opportunity And Decided To Take Fire Ball Shots With Dread Engine, I Really Don't Remember The Amount But Was Far To Many Than I Truly Needed, Needless To Say A Black Out Occurred And I Began Mouthing Obscene Words To Strangers Passing By And Did Not Even Get The Footage I Intended On Getting And On The Car Ride Home My Bowels Decided To Release Themselves And Roy's Back Seat Took Raunchy Punishment My Bowels Decided To Unleash (Ungodly Amounts Of *!@# Filled My Pants And Roy's Backseat) Causing a Smelly And Gagging Ride Home For Roy And His Son, Oh Memories (Or Lack There Of Lol).

That story is awesome and terrible at the same time!  And disgusting.  But  very funny!  I said 10 questions, but I'm squeezing in one bonus.  Tell me what goes into the show prep each week and the role you, Roy, and Danny play?


Roy Checks All Equipment And Sound Levels On The Sound Board And Does Microphone Checks. He keeps us on track! Ha!

Rainman Starts Filling The Slides For The Podcast With All The Bands He's Acquired During The Week And Any New Releases From Artists We Have Previously Featured And Arranges The Playlist To Create A Good Flow From Beginning To End, adding Little unique touches along the way in the process giving each weeks it's own unique group of bands and music including different genres and styles to give the listeners and very diverse range of hard rock and metal to experience.

Danny Gathers Up His List Of Shout Outs And Informs Me Of Any Bands That He Was Able To Get Submissions From.  His personality is a big time add for the show.  And he's full time handsome.

Monte, guys, it's been a blast.  It's great to learn more about you.  Keep doing what you do. Everyone at sure to add LCMH to your likes.  Subscribe to their weekly podcast on YouTube and tune in Friday nights for some of the best metal you can find!


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I know one person who is never riding in my car...
I'm speechless, thank you Harnish for this exclusive inside look to Licking County Metal Heads, Thank You So Much!!!!

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