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Ill Omen

by Harnish

Released 2018
Released 2018
This much anticipated 3rd studio album features a wickedly-good mix of metal and blues. Featuring 11 original tracks and 3 covers, this album has everything you've come to love from Harnish. Dark, painful, and a whole lot of scary fun.
"If the thought of idly pulling the wings off flies on your front porch with a shotgun resting across your legs fills you with excitement then I may just have the album that’s going to act as the soundtrack to your summer (or for as long as you stay out of the clutches of the local constabulary). If you don’t like the sound of that, you may do well to avoid, but I bet if you happen across tracks like Serpentine on the radio you’ll find them darkly, strangely irresistible. Top work all round and a tangible step up from last year’s effort." - Sentinel Daily