Regional Artist McCuin Lights Up The Midwest 

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Arkansas and appreciate rock music, you've probably heard of McCuin.  If you haven''s time for you to discover the McCuin experience.

I first discovered McCuin when we ended up on the same bill about 2 years back.  No matter what place we hold in the lineup, I always try and catch every band.  All the bands were great that night, but McCuin tore the house down.


Each individual musician has their own special charisma.  Chris Moran, Dale Qualls, Jay White, and…

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10 (+1) Questions with the Licking County Metal Heads 

10 Questions (+1) with Ohio's own legendary, epic, notorious, and infamous Licking County Metal Heads!


I'm here with the Heavy Metal Rainman himself - Monte Brown.  First let me say, this is an honor.  Not just the support you guys have shown me, but what you do for local bands in your area and across the country is really something unique.  I am excited to learn more about you guys!  Let's start from the beginning.  Tell me how you and Roy met?

MONTE - Well me and Roy, met in jail of all places, I

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HARNISH gives the Ashley Bean Band what they deserve...respect. 

The world of heavy metal is a bit over-saturated with cookie monster vocals and let's be honest - dudes. Lots and lots of dudes.  While I might not place the Ashley Bean band in the heavy metal category, they are certainly a nice change of pace and gender in the world of rock.  I'd go even go as far to say they are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted environment.

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Carcinogen Daily EP Review 

Carcinogen Daily is hitting the stage with us in January 2019 and recently I had some time to jam their EP.

This eponymous EP is a 3 song powerhouse.  'It's Only Pain' sets the mood immediately with a wicked groove.  The main rhythm is sludgy, but not to the point of a crawl.   It gets you up and moving in a style I might liken to Down.  The guitar work throughout is fantastic, including a brief-but-badass bass only interlude (Laid down by Josh Malone).  In this style of metal I usually feel like bands…

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